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Advocate for the Taxpayer

Complete Financial Solutions LLC can prepare taxes for any prior year. We not only focus on the current year’s tax season, but we also specialize in the amendment of taxes as well as complex tax situations. We are in business to assist small businesses with tax preparation for self-employment tax schedules. There is no limit to the services we offer. Different from most tax offices, we are open year-round. After tax season is complete, we limit our hours of operations for several other amenities we offer, but appointments can be made at any time. Do not hesitate to call us if you have a tax question, receive a letter regarding your tax return, or need help with any other tax issue that we can assist you with.


Let us help you get The MAX back from your TAXES!

Terms and Conditions 

By filling out and e-signing our tax preparation form, you are giving Complete Financial Solutions permission to prepare your tax return and you are confirming that ALL information entered is accurate. You are also giving us permission to use all personal information and documents uploaded to complete your tax return. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call our office at (205)605-9777 or email


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Our mission includes preparing precise income tax returns in a timely matter as we approach the IRS with your annual obligation. The promise is to make sure you receive the full benefits with the use of our knowledge of lawful tax deductions and itemizations that you are entitled to. The effort is to provide precise and timely service by closely examining each individual client’s situation, while also bringing awareness of every tax advantage that can apply to you as our client.

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Where is my IRS amended return?

Where is my Alabama state return?

Where is my Georgia State Return?

Where is my Mississippi state return?

Where is my Michigan state return?

IRS Customer Service Phone Number (800) 829-1040

Questions about refunds and offsets to IRS liabilities (Live Rep) (800) 829-1954

Find Out If You Have a Tax Offset (Automated) (800) 304-3107


Identity Verification Phone Number (800) 830-5084


Questions about refunds and offsets to IRS liabilities (800) 829-1954

Taxpayer Advocate Service Phone Number (877) 777-4778


Lost IRS Check Phone Number (800) 829-1954

Forms and Publications Phone Number (800) 829-3676