Business Formation

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Complete Financial Solutions LLC makes business formation simple and secure. We help you jump start the business you have always wanted with the proper foundation, which all begins with your documents! With our well-known expertise, CompFS provides you with a stress-free way to get your business up and running. Not only do we assist you in getting the proper documents to start your business,  we guide you to the next steps of your business formation such as business bank accounts, business cards, logos, websites, and much more!!

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Why Do You Need An Entity?

Incorporating your business is a great idea no matter how you may go about it because it gives you credibility and structure. If your business is not incorporated, you do not appear as professional as you may feel. Get tax advantages, protect your personal assets, and grow your business at a rapid pace by incorporating today. Deciding what’s best for your business depends on many of factors, but generally comes down to the tax structures. Common types of business structure and corporation include:  C Corporation (C-Corp), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, S Corporation (S-Corp), and Sole Proprietorship.  Limited Liability Companies are the most common entity and is vastly known for having a flexible, simple business structure.



Six Reasons To Incorporate Your Business

  1. Enhanced Credibility 
  2. Personal Asset Protection
  3. Deductible Expenses 
  4. Tax Flexibility and Benefits
  5. Perpetual Existence
  6. Brand Protection